Are croup and asthma related?

Croup and asthma are two respiratory diseases that can significantly affect the quality of life. They share similar symptoms, making it challenging to distinguish between them without a proper diagnosis. In this article, we aim to answer the question ‘Are croup and asthma related?’ by exploring their similarities, differences, causes, prevention measures and treatments.

What is croup?

Croup isn’t an awkward Swedish handshake when you don’t know each other’s gender. It is instead a viral infection that mainly affects children under five years old. A common symptom of croup is a barking cough that sounds like a seal’s bark or dog’s howling voice. Other indications include hoarseness in speech and difficulty breathing due to narrow airways swellings.

What is asthma?

Asthma is not the sound someone makes when taking off tight pants after Thanksgiving dinner; it’s jargon for chronic inflammation of bronchial tubes resulting in narrowed airways. This condition leads to wheezing breaths thus causing difficulties digesting oxygenated blood into vital organs such as lungs heart brain.

The Similarities Between Croup And Asthma

At first glance (between coughs!) these two conditions may seem completely unrelated but on closer inspection there are several shared traits:
Both conditions involve narrowing of air passageways leading up from your throat out through nostrils
Both make breathing difficult
Barking like whooping cranes noises can also be present with both illnesses.
It’s important to note however they have different causes and distinct underlying mechanisms responsible for most characteristics per above table.

## The Differences Between Croup And Asthma

Despite having some common features mentioned earlier, croup differs from asbestos in various ways,

Age Group

One significant difference is that croup mostly affects infants and toddlers below five years of age. Asthma, on the other hand, can develop at any point in life but usually strikes early childhood age between 3 to 5 years.


Croup is caused by a viral infection that inflames the voice box (larynx) as well as windpipes (trachea). However, asthma has multiple triggers such as infections or allergies.


While both conditions affect one’s breathing process – their symptoms differ significantly. Croup symptoms include barking cough accompanied by difficulty breathing except wheezing which differs from asmatic episodes.

Prevention Measures

Prevention measures are essential for both conditions to avoid severe symptoms; some steps that can be taken:
Vaccination against viruses
Adequate hydration

Note: Both asthmatic patients and children with croup have issues clearing airway mucus so care should be taken when administering hydrating treatments.

Treatment For Croup And Asthma

Effective treatment requires correct diagnosis:

Treatment for Croup:

Since most cases of coup are mild and last only a few days intensive treatment isn’t needed or recommended. Patients are advised to get enough rest stay hydrated and keep an upright posture during sleep time periods until full recovery made.
If required severe symptoms treated via nebulizers perhaps with epinephrine +/- bedside-patched oxygen delivery therapy
Most importantly It’s imperative always seek medical help whenever respiratory alignment poses problems!

Treatment for Asthma

Asthma can occur as “attacks” ranging from mildly irritatingto deadly compromising situations needing immediate attention ideally performed by / under supervision trained personnel including intense symptom control via inhaler combined w/ rescue medications plus supplemental oxygen if necessary. Additionally preventative medication may also need prescribed especially If attacks arise frequently leading up hospitalizations


To sum it all up this article highlighted the differences and similarities between asthma and croup. We can see that while there are some shared traits, they have different causes, age groups affected along with varying treatment processes when symptoms arise.
Whether experiencing shortness of breath or barking like a seal due to airway problems prevention is key: stay hydrated take adequate rest and vaccination requirements seriously!

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