Are crooked noses attractive?

Have you ever looked at someone with a crooked nose and thought to yourself, “Hmm, that’s kind of hot”? Or have you always believed that straight noses are the only ones worth looking at? Well, we’re here to settle the debate once and for all: are crooked noses attractive?

Breaking Down Society’s Standards

Before diving into the great nose debate of 2021, it’s important to understand why there is even a conversation in the first place. Our society has created beauty standards that constantly change over time. And while some people might think straight noses are more attractive now than they were 50 years ago or vice versa (who knows anymore), these beauty standards aren’t set in stone.

In fact,the whole concept of what looks “good” goes through trends faster than Kim Kardashian can post an Instagram story. One year everyone wants fuller lips like Kylie Jenner’s artificially enhanced pout and then next up it’s natural beauty emphasized by great skincare regimes forming impeccable complexions.

But if all of this goes on incessantly anyway- does it really matter what kinds of noses are considered beautiful? Let us explore further…

Evolutionary Perspective:

When examining evolutionary history, theories suggest crookedness was used as a signal for “fitness” conditioning mate preference.

According to renowned evolutionary biologist Randy Thornhill; asymmetric features such as having slightly uneven nostrils could be indicative towards pathogen resistance abilities exhibited by their body.(Cooper et al.,2003)

It might sound wild but nature finding novel ways to create attraction is indeed one fine trick!

However thanks to modern medicine including surgeries etc any issue related irregularities(hyper plastinum) creates no perceivable discomfort- hence rendering evolutionary influences not too relevant today.

The Role In Shaping Personal Identity

What few talk about when discussing nose shape attractiveness is how much knowing your nose- irregular or not in whatever extent, plays a large part in how people identify themselves.

For some people and cultures , noses become a symbol of national identity as well.

Barbara Nadolski who specializes in ear; nose and throat surgeries says while most patients may enter a clinic willing to remove their hump on the bridge of their nose which they perceive crookedness; it’s important to remember that many want their unique features preserved as is: “Often when I try to straighten up an uneven portion asked by patients then tell me ‘wait no i think i want my distinctiveness preserved’ ”

So there was something extra special after all about them?

Surgical Remodelling And Nonsurgical Inspirations

People have been getting rhinoplasty done for years, but it wasn’t until social media came along that they began using filters like Facetune 2 to change facial features without undergoing actual surgery.

With advances relating medical tech however there are various ways one could soften or enhance natural curves present – hence removing few concerns about achieving pretty piggy perfection previously deemed impossible.

But besides the obvious enhancements offered with society’s technological advancements such sources inspire new approaches towards lesser traditional ones: piercings both ethnically-inspired and exaggerated count among these options now( Huffpost).

The Psychology Behind Facial Attraction:

The modern understanding behind what we find attractive includes fuller lips and symmetrical facial structure etc.

Scientists argue evolutionary DNA has played vital role here- symmetry being representative of idealized genes passed down through generations.

While virtually everyone wishes his/her partner had perfect physical traits study suggests personality leans equally if not more basis towards attraction. A good personality can add from ‘beauty’ quotient greatly indicating importance extended beyond surface level!

This explains why you see couples with one person having conventional beauty standards at odds with more caricaturish influential traits such as facial neatness,right eyebrows set out of place amongst otherwise ordinary characteristics etc.

The Crooked Goodness Conclusion

At the end of the day, whether or not crooked noses are attractive is subjective (as expected) . People have different standards when it comes to beauty and what they find visually appealing.

There may be times where having a straight nose might make one appear more mature similarly as quirky pointed features could offer something whimsical,infectious leading to great attractiveness scenario too (both scoring points unarguably reason-wise).

A common theme throughout much research was that people are their own worst critics..and it holds true among facial features too!

What seems “charming” or “distracting” does depend on individual preferences- with heterogeneity reigning supreme! So long as we embrace and celebrate our unconventionalities in fun-loving harmony, nothing like ‘the perfect nose’ would ever seem necessary for sure!

FYI: A study by scientists out of Warsaw University reveals that women who score higher marks pertaining crookedness present a certain charm over perfectly symmetrical counterparts- looks like there’s hope for some snaggle-toothed love after all!