Are blood thinners good for high blood pressure?

Tired of feeling like a fainting goat just because your arteries can’t keep up? Have you tried everything from essential oils to chanting mantras, yet still find yourself in a state of constant hypertension? Fear not dear reader, for we’ve got the scoop on blood thinners and their role in managing high blood pressure.

What Exactly is High Blood Pressure Anyway?

It’s important to fully understand what high blood pressure is before diving into potential treatment options. So grab an ice-cold LaCroix (or whatever beverage keeps you calm), sit back, and let’s talk about that ticker.

When your heart beats normally there’s an increase in tension or pressure, which causes your veins to expand, allowing oxygen-rich blood cells to flow through them. Your arteries then give this freshly oxygenated goodness off to the rest of your organs so they can do their job properly. However, when said pressure remains at excessively high levels over time it causes damage or strain all throughout your body; increasing chances for things such as internal bleeding, stroke, kidney failure and other less-than-fun experiences.

The Pros & Cons Of Using Blood Thinners For Hypertension

Now onto the real question: are these things safe for people with high blood pressure?

On one hand anticoagulants (the scientific name given to blood thinning medication) work by reducing clotting factors within plasma – thereby discouraging clots from forming throughout our circulatory system. This seems great on paper thanks to fewer clots meaning more consistent healthy flow & lower risk of blockages or pulmonary embolisms (how fancy)!

On the opposing side however many might feel a bit worried due its potential downsides internally too; namely additional risks revolving around both external/internal bleeding if taken incorrectly without physician guidance- particularly during surgery where lengthy lacerations could prove dangerous.

Popular Blood Thinners That Tackle Hypertension

Let’s now take a look at some popular blood thinners that people with hypertension may be prescribed:


Diuretics work by stimulating the kidneys to remove excess salt and water, thereby reducing your overall blood volume. A lower blood volume means less pressure on artery walls – subsequently lowering blood pressure.

However, make sure you consult with your doctor before taking these medication as they can deplete potassium levels in the body, which may lead to accumulation of other harmful substances in the bloodstream due to inability for removal through urination- also please note excessive use of these medications alone has been shown to have adverse effects such as increased risk for cardiovascular disease or poor kidney function so you should always discuss this option extensively with them ahead of time.

Beta Blockers

These prevent adrenaline (the hormone associated with “fight-or-flight” response) from binding to receptors that leads heart rate & blood flow rates too high; thus remedying issues associated chronic tension throughout our veins!

Beta blockers may cause side affects ranging from light headedness or dizziness up all out pulmonary disorders therefore close monitoring necessary whenever these are being used…so keep an eye out friends!

Calcium Channel Blockers

As mentioned earlier calcium channel blockers block influx via channels inside vs outside smooth muscle. This reduces contractility of cardiac tissue and dilates peripheral arteries leading same effectas beta-blocker therapy! It is important though again check in w/ physician when deciding if this course action might be right choice moving forward .

Taking a Closer Look at Unwanted Side Effects

It’s no secret that like most medicine there exist potential unwanted side effects-& anticoagulant medication definitely does not escape exemptions here either.

In rare cases it has led patients experiencing severe allergic reactions causing difficulty breathing & full tingling sensation among joints accompanied ultimately increasing danger. Also- bloody urine, coughing episodes…oh and don’t forget the ever famous bruising is a thing – whoopie!

Not All Hope Is Lost

If the thought of popping another pill to aid with hypertension makes you break out in a cold sweat there are many things you can also do yourself prior to going down that route. These natural methods include:

Exercise & Diet Changes

This won’t come as too much surprise but healthy lifestyle choices are paramount for managing high blood pressure preventing its progression into more dangerous states! Incorporating routine exercise regimen (doing cardio 30 minutes/day minimum) along w/ low sodium/fat diet comprised mostly fruits veggies proven effective remedy chronic hypertension non-pharmacologically.


There’s nothing wrong taking some time destress,focusing all breathing/thoughts one task at hand – namely bringing peace inner selves! Either method has been shown produce state tranquility lowers rates anxiety among individuals affected by constant underlying stressors which ultimately improves quality life breathing easier.

Herbs & Essential Oils

While not always backed up scientifically by william jennings bryan gang himself, many have found naturally occurring herbs/oils helped mitigate levels hypertension over long period time leading somewhat permanent effect on this bothersome condition.

Take example garlic systemically believed promote healthier arterial fluids due presence allicin chemical compound; or ginger which reduces stiffness heart muscle leading far each beat pump….who knew?


So friends as it turns out like most medicines in existence anticoagulants present pros and cons when it comes handling such difficultly managed conditions like high-blood-. Best course action truly depends individual factors patient plus severity case itself below mentioned remedies definitely worth trying reaching medication-necessary point!