Are autoimmune diseases real?

Autoimmune diseases have been a topic of debate for many years now, with some people questioning their existence altogether while others are suffering from the symptoms daily. So, it’s no surprise that this controversial topic can get quite heated.

Are autoimmune diseases real? Let’s dive deep and find out!

What are Autoimmune Diseases anyway?

Autoimmune diseases are kind of like when you accidentally say “You too” after the waiter tells you to enjoy your meal – only on a much larger scale!

Our immune system works round-the-clock to keep us healthy by fighting off any infections and foreign invaders that enter our body. The trouble starts when instead of targeting these invaders our body’s protective mechanism gets all hot-headed and turns against its own cells – attacking them as if they’re an enemy threat!

This slight confusion leads to inflammation in different tissues which we call as ‘autoimmunity’. This swelling may range from mild discomforts such as itchy skin patches or joint pains, to severe chronic illnesses affecting multiple organs.

Origin of skepticism about autoimmune conditions

The question around autoimmune disease being just an urban legend rose mainly because earlier diagnosis methods were not advanced enough. It was tough for doctors back then who had limited tools at their disposal to spot anomalies in immune functions- making it appear rare.

Moreover, doctors used colloquial terms such as ‘tiredness’, fever and flu-like symptoms for patients experiencing early-stage signs which made proper labelling a challenge.

Besides medical practitioners themselves didn’t know enough about autoimmune disorders’ complexity.

New Era Technologies

However today with Advanced diagnostic technologies newer machinery such as -Antinuclear Antibody test (ANA), complete blood count (CBC) etc., have enabled detection in early stages reducing complications arising from neglecting autoimmunity related issues .

For instance ANA detects specific proteins produced during autoimmunity, whereas CBC identifies low blood cells count (a symptom of inflammation) thereby enabling doctors to classify patients into specific subtypes.

So What are the most prevalent autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune disorders come in different shades depending upon severity and organs targeted. Following are some common autoimmune diseases:

  1. Lupus
  2. Multiple sclerosis
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis
  4. Type-1 diabetes
  5. Psoriasis etc

The symptoms may vastly differ among individuals but usually include inflammable reactions that may result in bodily changes such as; fatigue, confusion, appetite loss, skin rashes’ chest pains

It’s important to note though that these symptoms don’t necessarily mean your immune system is attacking its own tissues.

Can you ‘catch’ Autoimmune Diseases?

NO YOU CANNOT Catch AUTOMMUNE DISEASES! It’s not like other infectious viruses or bacteria – it’s something our body produces internally by itself!

Although research shows a genetic upshot where an individual’s predisposition towards autoimmunity increases if any close family members suffer from related conditions.

While environmental factors play a significant role too for example vitamin deficiencies (Vitamin-D) Smoking can steeply increase chances of lupus diagnosis , likewise overexposure to toxins or chemicals also breed high risk for developing rheumatoid disease

Boiled down Genetics + Environmental triggers = Possible Autoimmunity

Why do people think ‘autoimmune disease’ isn’t real?

Irrespective of burgeoning clinical studies & increasing claims on the prevalence rates across sexes and demographic groups ; skeptics still doubt auto-immunology standing true.

Arguing against intense experimentation scrutiny remains one reason why people might relate signs with unexplained appearance making concept look weak .

Another major factor many people refuse acceptance pertains to “Misdiagnosis” possibilities which amounts when differential diagnostic methods fail overshadowing actual underlying conditions controlling which maybe another illness altogether

Ultimately after all such focus-halting speculations and counter arguments it falls beside the fact that autoimmune diseases are legitimate, widespread health issues plaguing many manifold people worldwide.

Debunking myths surrounding Autoimmune Dysfunction

Some of you might have heard rumors about auto-immunology vis-à-vis its cause or remedies. Let’s bust them up for good!

1. Low Immunity causes Autoimmunity

Let me begin with a reality check: “Auto-being immune is not being absolutely invincible!”

There is no clear-cut connection between weakened immunity system and self-violent response generated by immunity cells against own body organs.

In point of FACT – “Autoimmunity actually results from an overactive immunogenic-system which follows pre-adaptive genetic defects & environmental hostilities creating deterioration in one’s Systemic Tolerance.”

So there, goes one viral hoax out the window!

2. One pill ‘cures’ it all

If only ‘twer that easy! There’s no secret elixir or instantaneous cure-all concoction available to eliminate autoimmunity.

Most primary treatments catered work towards subduing inflammatory responses down thereby reducing painful symptoms experienced by patients .

Depending on organ affected symptom course varies but generally drugs related corticosteroids narcotics help reduce intensity enabling better management quality

Regular exercise and healthy dietary habits too add monumental benefit blowing off stress.

3. It exclusively affects Women?

No sir/ madame! While women rank higher than men at Risk rates ~75% females diagnosed with autoimmune disorders still marginally lessening these figures compared to male counterparts .

Men may face less risk but reports suggest they tend toward having more severe lingering conditions leaving chronic effect on bodily functions

The majority starts sprouting post-maturity stages hovering amid 20s-30s age brackets

Whereas kids can also develop varying types plagued mostly With Environment activating exposure triggers acting as catalysts for genes to work


In a nutshell, autoimmune diseases are the real deal! It’s our body attacking its own cells by mistake due often unforeseeable and inexplicable reasons. So if you’re experiencing persistent symptoms which show signs relatable with autoimmunity do consult your doctor . Early detection provides patients a gamut of opportunities making simpler management possibilities available thereby having better prospects in overall improved medical outcomes.

Listen to your body and take good care of yourself – it’s only one you’ve got at the end of the day.

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