Are all dial body wash antibacterial?

Have you ever bought a body wash because it claimed to be antibacterial, only to find out later that it wasn’t? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But fear not! Today we’ll answer the burning question on your mind: are all Dial body washes antibacterial?

The Short Answer

No. Not all Dial body washes are antibacterial. Some of them do contain antimicrobial agents, while others don’t. Confused yet? Let’s dive deeper.

What Makes a Body Wash Antibacterial?

An antibacterial product is one that contains an agent which kills or slows down the growth of bacteria. In the case of body washes, this agent is usually triclosan or benzalkonium chloride.

But wait, there’s more! There’s also something called an antimicrobial agent which refers to any substance or compound that can kill or inhibit microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

So while ‘antibacterial’ technically refers specifically to killing bacteria, ‘antimicrobial‘ is the umbrella term for anything that can kill any type of microorganism.

Now comes the tricky part – just because a product claims to be ‘plant-powered’, ‘probiotic’, or even says nothing at all about being antimicrobial doesn’t mean it actually lacks these properties!

In fact, many ingredients found in natural products have been shown to provide effective microbial inhibition without explicitly being labeled as such.

That said – let’s get back on track and discuss whether ALL Dial products claim antimicrobial properties…

Which Dial Products Are Antimicrobial?

While not every single Dial product brandishes “Antibacterials inside!” in big bold letters on their packaging (how spooky would THAT marketing campaign be?!), some do contain active antimicrobials such as Benzethonium Chloride (BZT) and/or Triclosan.

Here’s a helpful table to see which ones are:

Dial Body Wash Antimicrobial Properties?
Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap (White Tea) Yes – BZT and Triclosan
Dial Gold Moisturizing Hand Soap No antimicrobial/antibacterial properties cited
Dial NutriSkin Body Wash Cherry Seed Oil & Mint Scented No antimicrobial/antibacterial properties cited
^^^ Fun Fact: This one actually doesn’t exist anymore! Was it too delicious for this world? Maybe…

So How Can I Tell if My Favorite Body Wash is Really Antibacterial?

Some easy indicators of whether your body wash has active antibacterials include claims on the packaging itself, verbiage used by the brand in its marketing or website product descriptions.

As we all know well by now – companies like selling us things with hot phrases and claims like “Powerful Germ Fighters!” or “Eliminates Stinky Bacteria” plastered across their bottles. If you spot these signal words banged out on your bottle – chances are good that something wound up in there (or stayed OUT of there) to help back up those promises.

Also, many brands have shifted towards using terms like ‘microbial protection‘ over ‘antibacterial’. For products widely distributed around the United States, including other countries worldwide sometimes have regulatory rules outlining just what can be slapped onto consumer-product labels so watch out for regional differences!

Ahem- sorry not sorry about nerd-ing it up right there. Okay let’s continue…

If you’re still unsure as to whether something is doing the job when it comes to microbial mischief-making prevention abilities– take a deep breath! Remember that key word earlier: ‘Antimicrobials’.

These refer to agents beyond bacteria killers – they’re more than good enough to take on any type of microbe so – even if your body wash doesn’t explicitly promise antibacterial properties– rest assured, it likely has microbial-defense skills up its sleeve.

So there you have it folks! Not all Dial products are marketed as antibacterial but some do include those desired agents for ya.

Oh, and don’t forget – no matter what we do, every human is a juicy panel that microbes love nothing more than hanging out in. Want to get serious about cracking down on the bad germs? Focus efforts towards proper hand washing to really stick it to evil bacteria.

Stay clean my friends!

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