Amyloidosis and kidney disease?

It’s no secret. Love is all about finding the perfect match. And in the world of diseases, it seems like amyloidosis and kidney disease have found their soulmate.

But what exactly are these two lovebirds, you may ask? Well, let me enlighten you on their story.

The Mysterious World of Amyloidosis

Amyloidosis sounds like some kind of exotic flower or an exclusive brand name for a luxury car rather than a type of disorder that can wreck havoc to one’s body. But names can be deceptive, what lies beneath is an entirely different matter.

In simple terms, amyloids are proteins that fold abnormally which then bunches up into clumps called fibrils causing tissues and organs in the body to malfunction. When this deposition takes place in vital organs such as heart,kidneys,liver,nerves within the tissues causes more damage to those particular organ systems revealing symptoms specific to each organ system involved

There are multiple types of amyloidosis but fortunately (or not) our focus today narrow down two –
– Primary=Not linked with any other underlying disorders have AL subtype variant
– Secondary=Occurs due another underlying chronic inflammatory condition AA subtype Variant

While primary has its root cause unknown, secondary presents itself as response from immune system where LV or Spleen try to fight infections These forms differ mostly by root causes still having common feature being abnormal folding leading tissue accumulations..

Since we’re talking about couples here Let us define Protein also known as ‘Amiloids’ – they come together & accumulate just like thick cream layered spread atop flourless gluten-free cake made out various proteins specifically talked upon are Identified chains named light chains increases concentration anywhere.. Fibre creates structure type scaffolding whatsoever around them .. Hence diagnosis includes identifying protein accumulated via biopsy getting histopathology approved

Hold your breath,here comes the interesting part Most common type found is among older men with wacky monomorphic plasma cells manufacturing immunoglobins hence diagnosed as Multiple myeloma.

Was Cupid Involved?

Surprisingly, when it comes to kidney disease and amyloidosis, both can occur in isolation or as a package deal. When kidneys are directly affected by this protein deposits they lead to nephrotic syndrome popularly known for heavy of proteins in urine.

Let’s be straight, getting sick isn’t fun but there is some comic relief once you start tuning up your medical vocabulary. The terms tossed around such as hematuria (blood in urine),proteinuria(Proteinu begins? Ha ha sorry couldn’t resist.) gets more exciting than watching a Game of Thrones marathon over pop corn and beer.. Unless you’re really living that moment no pun intended.

Inflammatory conditions like RA or Crohn’s also results in formation AA fibrils within Kidneys presenting symptoms just like primary Amyloid mainly Proteinurua & oedema…

It Takes Two To Tango

Of course, when two parties come together there has to be chemistry involved. Or maybe biology..or physics…hmm I forget. But anyways let us head back..

Once these two illnesses find each other , you’re more likely than not suffering from secondary amyloidosis with probable targets being Liver,KiDNEYand gut..

This kind of deposit affects every renal components soup-to-nuts -the glomeruli,tubules interstitium virtually entire organ decreasing life span greatly Looking at broader picture liver transplantation might turn out feasible option due to inability developing antifibrillar drugs having particular spotlight focused on AL subtype! While staying light-hearted sometimes demands humour drawn out of misery doesn’t mean we should take things casually

Just listen carefully when humor is used cautiously!

In Closing…

There’s still a lot unknown about how primary amylodosis initiate their journey towards development and research/clinical approaches of kidney diseases along with common secondary amyloid subtype has just begun. But one thing is for sure, when these two parties join forces it’s the definition of chaos.

I hope this article “enlightened” you on the curious relationship between kidney disease and amyloidosis (insert wink here). And while we can’t change fate, at least being proactive in dealing with illnesses puts a better fight to live longer despite challenges faced.

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