American indian sage?

If you’re looking to attain wisdom or simply enjoy a good laugh, then look no further than the American Indian sage. These wise beings have been revered for their knowledge and spiritual guidance for centuries, and with this guide, you too can tap into their ancient wisdom. From smudging rituals to dream catchers, let’s explore all things First Nations in a fun and irreverent way.

Who are these so-called sages?

Before we dive deep into the mystical world of native spirituality, it’s important to understand who exactly these sages are. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t just old men sitting around campfires regaling stories of yore – though that does sound like fun! In fact,sage is another word for a wise person or an expert in a particular field. So when people refer to American Indian sages or elders,they really mean respected leaders within tribal communities whose teachings are valued as essential parts of life.

Smudging & Cleansing: Smoke Out Those Negative Vibes

Have you ever entered someone’s home only to be hit with the aroma of leftover curry from three nights ago? Think about how bad energy lingers longer than restaurant smells- tainting your entire living space long after any offending substance has left its walls… That’s where smudging comes in—using bundled herbs such as white sage, sweetgrass or cedar wood; believers use smoke from burning them over themselves or objects/properties/dwelling spaces–burning corruptions away.

Ashley Perez explains why she likes investing her time & resources on materials needed on this practice “Smudging turns common household items like candles & beautiful shells found at beaches into functional tools which create safe spaces filled with light energies by dispersing negative ones.”

Is there scientific evidence behind using aromatic smoke for cleansing purposes? Not necessarily… But maybe we all could learn a thing or two about creating good vibes from native people.

Sacred Roots: The Meaning Behind Dream Catchers

Have you ever seen those intricate webs of feathers and beads hanging over beds in some hippy friend’s place or on Etsy? Those are dream catchers, and they actually have some pretty cool roots as part of Native American legend.

The Ojibwe people believed that at night, the air was filled with good dreams, but nightmares were also present; thus aiding children caught up in situations where magic would not exist being created by living parents such as filicides/suicidal ideations. They intended to capture said bad dreams with the dream catcher’s web (often made out of natural materials like threads/vines/grass etc.) while allowing good ones pass straight through– essentially filtering which energies enter your soul depending on how well they navigated these traps!

Dream catchers have evolved into many forms among different communities- Often seen for sale mistakenly in stores across America & world as home décor items whilst boasting use without actual cultural mindfulness/appreciation towards the First Peoples Heritage who created them.

So support local artisans that respect both original practices behind this native artform alongside Native tribes themselves whenever considering purchasing one.

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Pow Wows: A True Celebration Of Native Culture

One word – pow wow! No, it’s not just having dinner party while accidentally sneezing talcum-powder-equivalent weight cloud explosions… It might surprise you to know that pow wows are actually annual gatherings of various tribes to celebrate Navies’ traditions, including dance competitions, drumming circles & indigenous food delicacies (like roasted bison. Yum?).

However, as with most cultural events co-opted by non-natives: You can tell when a pow wow is from people trying for an “exotic-y” or hipster trendy kind of vibe rather than coming together respectfully in mutual appreciation and understanding.

Regardless of whether you grew up around native communities or not; Even if many practices were interpreted far differently whenever white settlers started using them hundreds years ago.. all should join in the celebration& learning along with true natives themselves about American Indian culture! It’s never too late to learn something new and it’s definitely worth checking out!

No Matter Your Purpose– Wisdom Can be Found Anywhere

While we’ve only scratched the surface regarding traditional Native practices like smudging and dream catchers alongside Pow Wows – but these provide an exciting jumping point into so much more that First Nations people have grown to teach outsiders throughout generations. From respecting nature through conservation mindsets; celebrating tribal diversity while confronting issues such as globalization affecting Native ways on their land/sea-dwelling peoples… The themes behind much wisdom displayed by sages aren’t always specific practice-related— a big lesson they want us respect everyone’s interconnectedness especially under current threats – unite-look past differences/grow forward collectively.

To bring this article full circle…instead of looking towards generic online ‘how-to-guides’, try soaking up some time instead seeking guidance from elders within aforementioned communities wherever possible when given opportunities– listen carefully because tonight we party again after which sounds unlimited sage & wrap session!

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