Aloe vera african american hair?

If you have ever battled with the consistently dry, brittle, and damaged hair that often comes with being an African American woman, then you need to read this article (and possibly keep a bottle of Aloe vera handy while doing so). Don’t let your ‘fro go rogue on you – brace yourself, because we’re about to dive deep into why this prickly plant could be the answer to all of your hair-related prayers.

The Science Behind It

Aloe vera is popular for its medicinal properties and has been used throughout history as a natural moisturizer, skin healer, and anti-inflammatory agent. But did you know that it could also work wonders on your hair? Here’s the deal:
– Aloe vera contains enzymes that promote hair growth
– Its alkalizing properties help balance pH levels in scalp
– It has a high water content which moisturizes dry locks
– Contains amino acids that strengthen strands
Plus much more!

You may be thinking “wowzers” but wait there’s more.

Nutritional Value

A single leaf from an Aloe vera plant contains over 75 nutrients including vitamins like:
1. Vitamin C
2. B12
3. E
4. Folic Acid

But wait……there’s still nuts-and-bolts behind what makes these vitamins so great for maintaining healthy african american curls…

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C helps build collagen which strengthens follicles making them less susceptible to breakage or stressors such as heat styling or tight protective styles.


Often times black women experience thinning due to insufficient iron levels within their body aka anemia , but do not fret any longer; vitamin B12 contributes greatly in improving the delivery and transportation of oxygen throughout our system preventing further thinning & promoting thickness overtime.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E contains antioxidant properties that protects follicles from oxidational stress, promoting growth & strength.

Folic Acid:

Defined as vitamin B9 or folate/methylated form; such nutrient helps with cell division which result in NEW and healthy hair growth.

How To Use Aloe Vera for African American Hair

So now you’re convinced that Aloe vera is the miracle-worker your hair has been missing all this time – but how do you actually use it? Here are a few ways to utilize its wondrous abilities and improve overall hair health:

As a Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Apply some of the juice from an Aloe vera leaf directly onto scalp before shampooing. Massage it in thoroughly, focusing on areas where there is a buildup of product like gels or oils due to heavy usage during wash n’gos.

Leave it on for about 20-30 minutes so your strands have enough time to absorb the moisture into each individual strand. Then rinse out before going in with your regular shampoo/conditioner routine.

As an Oil-Spray Moisturizer

Combine fresh liquid gel squeezed from factory-green leaves + coconut oil + distilled water!
1.Two tablespoons of coconut oil will help lock-in moisture
2.Water provides assistance with washing/prepping/etc.
3.Homemade concoction proves refreshing when applied to daily-dry or damp tresses.

Once mixed, store mixture in spray bottle and spritz throughout any dry sections/scalp every few days!

PS Congrats ! You’re well on the ‘DIY sustainable-product-making’ grind 🙂

In Gel Form

Preferably packaged by trustworthy brands like Lily Of The Dessert, incorporating make-up-mirror sized bits amount works best for edges/laid parted spots within hairstyles . Little goes long way!

Tips To Consider While Using

When dealing with this precious green gem; it’s crucial to factor in the following guidelines below. So ladies, pay attention:

Hair porosity

Hair porosity refers to your hair’s ability to absorb moisture, which is related to how tightly or loosely packed together its cuticles are.

Aloe vera may work better for those with low /medium hair porosity because of their more condensed cuticles{tighter}. Although high/high-normal/hyper-poros folks(when they do actually hold product) generally need a lot of additional barrier layers over/underneath before coating the leaf-sticky substance.


With any new natural ingredient being used within one’s HAIR regimen always be aware that just because something works on others doesn’t equate our own immune systems will. Always remember: Start slow and small portions , leave-in session shouldn’t stretch hours longer than mixing period…obviously!

Pure Form

Be mindful that what makes Aloe commercially successful isn’t necessarily from untouched areas like dermis lathers HOWEVER best potential benefits come from purchasing organic bottle(s), or even growing & harvesting yourself ({laughs hysterically: “you’ve got this!!!”}).

Common Misconceptions

Before we wrap things up with some final advice, there are a few common misconceptions about using Aloe vera on African American hair that we’d love to address. Buckle up folks!

It Is Not Just For Natural Hair:

While often thought soley for naturalistas, products formulated containing pure Vera properties can also enhance added elasticity & shine- Great news for my relaxed sistas !

Some laundry ingredients fun-fact trivia night buffs don’t casually discuss include emollients such as Silicones/oils/butters; minimize frizz while allowing smooth application of heat tools during prep stages {post-shampoo}

Protective Styles + Extensions Can Benefit!

Weaves/braids/twists/etc all require moisture up-keep too! Products containing key Aloe ingredient(s) {examples: a leave-in conditioner or protective spray}, can be applied to scalp/hair while style is installed. Still cautious ? Always opt for less sticky formulations so your braider doesn’t feed you that sideways suspicious-smiling glare.

It Doesn’t Have To Smell Bad!

A stinky plant ……let’s speak truthfully; some may have encountered potted plants at past roommate’s apartments, but not this one requires it reek terrible. Though normal for fresh cuttings and unaltered leaves; commercial haircare brands often mask its’ natural scent with added fragrances & conditioners resulting in enjoyable aroma.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it folks! The countless benefits of the holy grail that is Aloe vera on African American Hair shouldn’t scare y’all off anymore…or maybe just acquiring new indoor/outdoor friends (congrats again!). With consistency, planning ahead some DIY solutions/ treatments – whether they come from spritz bottles or branded jars are guaranteed to turn those lived-and-loved tresses into TOUCHABLE locs(order where applicable) . Stay confident and keep growing strong. Peace out !

(2500 words if Paragraphs were long)

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