Allergic conjunctivitis child treatment?

If there’s one thing kiddos are good at, it’s constantly discovering new things. From crayon drawings on walls to eating foods they’re not supposed to have, we vets know that it is pretty standard with the little ones. What comes along with this curiosity is a barrage of problems that you would need your stethoscope and syringe to cure. In this article – whoops! I just broke my own rule. Anywho… Today’s lesson will focus on treating allergic conjunctivitis in children without having them feel like hot garbage.

What is allergic conjunctivitis?

Children often rub their eyes due to itching, leading to inflammation and an irritating condition called allergic conjunctivitis (AC). The treatment of AC involves OTC eyedrops or prescription medication by pediatricians for more severe symptoms.

Signs And Symptoms Of Allergic Conjunctivitis

Keep your doctor hat handy, folks! Below are some signs and symptoms of AC:

  • Tearing
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Redness

Treat The Source-not Just The Symptom

The child’s healthcare provider diagnoses the cause behind A/C-related symptoms during consultation/testing appointments where he/she prescribes relevant allergy medications based on test findings instead of merely suppressing signs—kinda like removing weeds by its roots rather than trimming them every time you walk past!

Treatment Options For Children With AC

OTC Treatments:

Below are a few OTC prescriptions pediatricians recommended for mild cases of A/C.

1) Artificial Tears – These over-the-counter drops ease dry eye sensations.
2) Antihistamine Eye Drops – Some popular examples include Alaway, Zaditor.
3) Decongestant Eye Drops – Overuse can result in rebound redness, making issues worse
4) Multisymptom Ophthalmic Medications – They have more than one treatment benefit.

Prescribed Treatment Plans:

For moderate cases where the symptoms are too intense, a pediatric doctor may prescribe any of these medication plans:

1) Mast-Cell Stabilizing Eye Drops – This therapy prevents mast cells from transmitting histamines that cause allergies.

2) Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID) Eye Drops – Inflammation is inhibited through this medication.

3) Combo Therapy Of Antihistamine/Mast-Cell Stabilizer Eye drops – It works as an antihistamine with side effects reduced by adding anti-inflammatory properties.

4) Topical Corticosteroid Creams

5) Immunotherapy Shots or Sublingual Tablets-A little painful for your child but highly effective in reducing allergic reactions to least harmful levels.

Practicing Safety Measures Against Allergens

Can you imagine picking flowers when pollination is at its peak? That’s how allergy sufferers feel out there! The breeze carries dust mites and cat hair everywhere, leaving no safe zone to hide. Keep your child’s environment allergen-free with some safety recommendations listed below:

  1. Use Air Conditioning At Home
  2. Limit screen time indoors
  3. Wash Sheets Weekly Using 130°F Water
  4. Use Dust Mite Covers on Pillows And Mattresses

Making AC A Thing Of The Past With Prevention Techniques

Without being super mom/dad, take measures that can reduce the chance of reactive episodes instead of only providing short-term symptom relief whenever signs appear!

Some ways include:-

1.Wash their face frequently and carefully handled eye care-
Yup—they need to get into washing as well since eye-rubbing after touching infected surfaces happens too often.

2.Avoid contact lenses temporarily

I know it might be tempting for fashion purposes; however, avoiding close contact between eyes and fingers directly can reduce chances of infections or accidental eye damage.

3.Use Goggles During Outdoor Activities

4.Wash hands frequently
Make a habit for your little ones to wash their hands before face/hand contact is made out of cautiousness.

Show them The Love, Share the Knowledge

Every caregiver desires radiant and smiling faces from whom they watch over. That’s why we can also spread awareness among our close circles to assist others if possible—help create a safe haven for kids with allergic conjunctivitis that allows them to be happy while staying healthy by following all mentioned safety measures!

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