Alan Watts: The Endless Mind in Motion

Have you ever felt like your mind is constantly moving even when it’s not? Well, if that’s the case then you may find a kindred soul in the philosopher, writer and speaker extraordinaire, Alan Watts. Born in England during what feels like a different era altogether in 1915, Watts was one of the most influential figures of existential thought and helped popularise Eastern philosophy to Western audiences.

Throughout his life, he inspired countless individuals with his unconventional views on life and existence which still resonate till this day. In this piece we will dive into Alan Watt’s life story with an edge while exploring some of his key ideas – lessons from boredom to mindfulness that we could all benefit from.

Growing up as an Odd Fish

Childhood Woes

If you think growing up was tough just imagine being raised by religious parents who were also fervent members of the society for promotion of Christian Knowledge (SPCK). But wait there’s more! They eventually came to disapprove anything spiritual or otherwise remotely mystic; so no ghosts allowed either!

### School days

At age eight , watts made sure that they shipped him off boarding school far away. Poor kid didn’t know what was waiting for him. Rigorous academic pressure got matched only by arduous punishments meant to ensure “moral discipline” whatever that means.To cut things short,it became pretty clear early on education wasn’t about nourishing curiosity.

How It All Began


You can chalk it down to a leap od faith or epiphany but somewhere during Aldershot High School after six years at Tunbridge Wells Grammar School(when he used every trick under the soggy sun)Watts blew open doors through an unexpected experience- he found himself staring at ‘a brick wall’ causing „a feeling so profound I no longer cared whether I lived or died” when analysed later, he comes to the conclusion that it enabled him to breakaway from a wrongly conceived personal identity

Moving Across Dimensions

After getting himself kicked out of high school at age 16 for playing hooky too many times, Watts made his way towards Buddhist studies which became central in his life, approaching these disciplines with all the curiousity and acrobatics of an ADHD kitten. Eventually though he found himself practicing both Zen Buddhism and Daoism, even going as far as earning a master’s degree in theology.

The Art of Existence

Boredom-An Integral Piece

The existentialist idea that boredom is more than just lack of entertainment perhaps derived from such scholars like Kierkegaard was something that intrigued watts. He moved beyond this to extol the practical benefits inherent in what may seem only like its debilitating aspects- a reorientation toward mindfulness creating increased awareness about surroundings isn’t a bad thing either.

### Living In The Moment
Watts defined existence not simply by being born,but through constant challenge augmenting moments and moving on without clinging onto negatives. This philosophy resonates till date: stop dwelling so much on past events – they’re dead-drunk (and preferably decomposed) -move on!

Freedom Through Self-Awareness

Being One With Yourself

We live in societies where there can be pressures pushing us towards conformity-something Watts warned against . His focus always lay heavily upon discovering who you truly are ;more importantly freeing yourself from external pressure ,what society deems fit.Liberating yourself into self-discovery would lead not only to internal peace but also help individuals open their minds up holding others opinions about ways reality should function

## A Life Cut Short But It Lived Well

Through chronicling notable figures often we find laments regarding lost potential.Watts fully realized virtually everything within.But hey at least he lived as a fusion of eccentricity, curiosity and contemplation. This alone justifies his place in the annals of time-hallmarking the lives of those who come to know him all answers should not turn individuals OCD but rather recognizing that there are more ways than one to arrive at comprehending this world is itself (again) freeing.


When you think about it what does our mind really do? Does it rest after work hours or does it simply continue running marathons against ourselves overthinking everything from cake recipes to life’s purpose?
In any case Alan Watts reminds us through his wit and wisdom that sometimes we needn’t try so hard – sometimes we only need step out from under shadows imposed by others and, perhaps engaging with unconventional sources -look at things with real authenticity.Without focusing on Mr.Watt’s troubling drinking habits,infamously smoked up looks or bed time stories here is hoping everyone emulates Alan Watt’s never-ending quest for philosophical musings toward a happier,better existence whilst constantly moving forward.