After laser hair removal when does the hair fall out?

Are you tired of constantly shaving or waxing and dealing with a stubbly feeling within a few days? Welcome to the club! But what if we offered you an alternative that will leave your legs, underarms, bikini area – whatever hair-ridden part of your body – silky smooth without all the hassle? A solution so great it’s almost like waving a magic wand: laser hair removal. You’ve heard about its wonders, you might even have booked an appointment or two…but what happens next? When does the hair fall out after laser treatment?

The Waiting Game

Before diving into why and when chunks of strands will start falling off (sounds satisfying!), let’s review how the process works in case some things sound blurry.

As per our friend Google, laser hair removal is “a medical procedure that uses concentrated light to remove unwanted hair.” Basically, they zap your skin with beams that absorb into your follicles and damage them enough to slow down or altogether stop their ability to produce hairs. No more tangles!

Here comes one crucial thing: this isn’t an overnight sensation. Instead, it takes several treatments over extended periods for best results because not all hairs are on the same cycle at once. In other words, if older follicles got zapped on Monday but younger ones weren’t exposed yet because they haven’t grown out fully, well…you get the deal. It requires patience like watching paint dry.

This means between appointments there’ll be times where nothing seems too different; initially, around 10-14 days perhaps until changes occur in weeks four-six (everyone’s timetable may differ). However:

  • You’re advised against plucking/waxing/threading/shaving etc., anything which pulls hairs from roots during these intervals – think maintenance work.
  • It’s fair game to shave as usual though for hygiene purposes without affecting the laser results.
  • Sun protection, especially during summer months, is recommended. You don’t want to undo all that hard work with a single sunburn session.

Goodbye Hairs!

Okay, now it’s time to cut to the chase – when do those pesky strands start waving farewell? Actually, they won’t necessarily bid adieu in just one go. Instead:

  1. After each treatment as hairs have been zapped and are dislodged from their roots by your body’s natural elimination system over time (think of them as zombies kindly removed for you).
  2. Between sessions as slower follicles finally enter telogen phase – no new hairs produced – allowing shed ones to loosen and fall out without replacement.

This explains why multiple treatments are needed too; while some initial hair loss batches take place after one round of laser removals once every few weeks or so until you eradicate all growth stages present on different patches thoroughly (about 6 weeks between phases works for most people).

Once the desired area has undergone enough visits yielding satisfactory outcomes overall via consistency efforts paying off like patience… well done!

Stick To The Routine

You might be thinking this doesn’t sound too bad after all but wait! It requires diligence post-treatment too if success is what we want long-term without any hiccups along the way:

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or use sunscreen/sunblock/spf clothing/tanning booths afterward not only for skin health reasons but also because these could stunt future hair development even before much needed respite lapses typical schedules which ultimately influence cause-effect basis expectations concerning re-growth timelines.
  • Hydration! Drink plenty of water before appointments ensuring enoughto carry hydration throughout bodies cellular levels can help promote more efficient healing processes inevitably aiding in diminishing inflammation sensations lingering near treated surfaces adding necessary comfort where crucial within moments prior afterwards such procedures occur repeatedly.


There’s just something so satisfying about watching unwanted hairs falling out of your life forever. Laser hair removal might not be magic, but it’s pretty darn close! Remember that good things take time and care, so keep at the routine, stay hydrated and sunscreened up – because let’s face it: we all deserve to feel good in our own skin. Think laser is right for you? Give it a go; the sooner you start, the earlier you’ll say ‘goodbye’ to never-ending waxing sweats.

Now line up those appointments…Happy zapping!

Bon voyage, hairy friends 👋🏼

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