After care for piercing?

So, you’re thinking of getting a piercing? Well, buckle up sister! As Tyra Banks says, “Modeling is tough but so are you!” I would say the same goes for piercings. They might not flicker as bright as your diamond hoops, but they can hurt like a son-of-a-gun and require proper aftercare.

Don’t worry though; after care is just like having a new fling – you got to pamper it real nice or risk losing it forever. Alright enough with the mushy talk let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Here’s everything you need to know about piercing aftercare.

Types of Piercings

Before we dive into all those different types of piercings out there (by the way if tongue splitting isn’t one them – count me out!), let’s go through how long they each take before fully healing:

  • Earlobes: 4-6 weeks
  • Cartilage (helix/tragus/daith): 3-12 months
  • Nose: 2–4 months
    -Mouth/Tongue/Lip/etc.: 1–2 months – No kissing allowed!

Regardless of what type of sanctuary city on your body you decide on a few things should stay constant in order for that beautiful piece of metal sculpture-esque goodness stays clean and healthy life choices.

Healing process

Right off the bat be prepared to bid adieu some everyday activities while watching Netflix twice over such as swimming/saunas/tanning beds/sweating indoor cycling classes. CrossFit trainers yelling “last two minutes guys… PUSH”. It’s important during this recovery period since any form moisture tends increase infection whether its bacteria buildup.

Cleaning Your New Jewelry

The first thing is check when buying jewelry is tip-top quality – no need for any infections later down the line. Also, ensure that it’s been Auto-Cad’ed to your measurements since wearing improper-sized jewelry, can cause nasty keloids.

Daily Cleaning Regimen

The best advice when cleaning and sanitizing is not SKIMP! Here are a few tips:

  1. Wash your Hands: Prior touching feeding/driving/petting dogs.
  2. Saltwater soaks: Saline solution on wet cotton pad gently pressed against lobe/nostril during breaks from binge-watching Netflix series of outer space voyages
  3. Mild soap + water dance off with body disco as long no foreign objects inserted while jamming some T-Swift or Lizzo tunes might be tricky[Find another suggestion here

Signs of Infections –Oh No!

Infections suck big time – redness, swelling, pus leakage (mmm appetising), pain and bleeding in areas should show you emergency sign which worries stay for too long increase health issues thus affecting additional parts nearby!

If ever concerned express symptoms mentioned above don’t hesitate going back our piercing parlour.

Tips to avoid Infection? Yes Please!

As queen Beyonce says “I see it, I like it add in sue them if they copyright claim., I want It“. With piercings , however we advise you leave anything after midnighthaving said this on edge here best steps/to do’s :

  • Sterile environment : always ensure proper air flow and clean surfaces prior proceeding
  • Sanitize hands prior handling equipment + say NO friends begging tools or asking for home treatment witchcraft proposals till healed well enough
  • Avoid ointments unless prescribed by professional artist /medical personnel because these often have chemical compound stinging effect upon healing wound especial those area near mucous membranes.

Happy piercing-and remember take spritzes of salt water don’t go chasing waterfall jumping over distance hurdles – until your piercing salon or primary health care provider gives green light.


Tick-tock, time’s up. We’ve gone over tons of pointers for the recovery period following a piercing procedure: Different piercing types, healing process with recommended protocols, red flags for infection/future complications to lookout for – and preventive measures that will help keep piercings happy and healthy! Remember you’re invested in your new bling so treat it with all TLC possible before flaunting those neon spheres at Coachella–which we sadly know is harder said than done but are 100% here cheering on you from sideline bestie!

for any kind of sweating– exercise : running / climbing stairs/ etc excluded
swells can be common especially in area where pierced- however excessive swelling warrants medical attention

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