African herbs for pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but let’s face it; the nine months can be quite daunting. The prospect of having a little bundle of joy can cause anxiety in even the most composed individuals. And don’t forget about those pesky health issues that inevitably crop up during pregnancy.

Fear not, dear reader! Africa has got your back with natural remedies from its rich flora. You no longer have to resort to over-the-counter drugs or stress yourself out by trying to decipher complex scientific jargon. With these African herbs for pregnancy, you’ll breeze through the discomfort like a superhero!

Why choose African herbs?

Africa is home to several safe and effective herbal remedies that have been tried and tested by generations of women during pregnancy without any adverse effects on mother or child. Besides being affordable, they offer numerous benefits such as reducing inflammation and promoting overall wellness in both momma-to-be and unborn baby.

Common Pregnancy Issues

Before we dive into specific herbs, let’s examine common issues faced during pregnancy:

  1. Nausea & Vomiting
  2. Fatigue
  3. Stress & Anxiety
  4. Heartburn
  5. Insomnia

Now that we know what we’re dealing with let us explore some natural solutions from Mother Africa;

Ginger (Zingiber Officinale)

Ah ginger! That spicy root packed full of goodness sure packs quite the punch when it comes to soothing nausea caused by morning sickness in pregnant moms-to-be while improving digestion at the same time.

But wait there’s more! Apart from easing symptoms caused by motion sickness,you will also find Ginger helpful for aiding muscle pains, headaches and menstrual cramps too and making smoothies extra yummy…whoop whoop

Do note though- Eating fresh ginger may cause heartburn and acid reflux symptoms for some pregnant women – it is best to take ginger supplements instead.

Moringa (Moringa oleifera)

African Moringa, containing essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin C and iron has become very popular in recent years thanks to whisper of its efficient health benefits. The article would be shorter if I told you what this Baby leaves can’t do- it’s directly beneficial to an array of pregnancy conditions!

Expectant mothers will benefit from the following:

  1. Combat fatigue
  2. Alleviate constipation
  3. Boost milk production in nursing moms
  4. Improve vision
  5. Reduce inflammation

Grind up into a powder adding into your shakes or boiled water for tea are excellent options, keeping those cravings under control while nourishing mommy-to-be all at once.

Rooibos tea

Rooi-what-now? Relax any word with ‘tea’ immediately puts us at ease! No chance of drowsiness spelled backwards here! We know our teas too well friends! You’re going to love what we have on display next so stick around.

Our Cape Town ladies through generations swear by Rooibos tea as part and parcelof their daily life even during pregnancy because not only is rooibos a caffeine-free alternative that lessens impact on mom-to-be energy levels but also offers quite the punch when it comes to antioxidants for a healthy immune system.. It’s said rooibos contain Quercetin which may help reduce inflammationas well ,cutting risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes-pregnancy induced hypertension ring a bell anywhere… anyone?

Voila!!! Get yourself some tasty homemade cups today without apologies required!

African Potato (Hypoxis hemerocallidea)

The African potato’s root enjoys popularity across regions due primarilyto its unique naturally occurring sterol Sapogenin, not to mention the extensive traditional medicinal value it provides.

As a female expectant mother-to-be using African potato extracts , you benefit from being able to:

  1. Balance hormonal levels
  2. Treat and prevent eczema
  3. Ease menstrual cramps and finally
  4. Reduce inflammation caused by UTI’s

This tuber extract is perfect for making remedies like tea or cooked up into stews used as an ingredient in powdered supplements- why not take Africa with you whilst on-the-go?

Baobab Fruit powder

The popular Baobab tree finds itself mostly throughout South-African regions, is legendary when comes to nutritional wholesome benefits of its fruit which can provide 6x more vitamin Cthan citrus fruits! Wowza

Baob ab fruit powder is also rich in antioxidants, prebiotic fiber, calcium, potassium making it essential… yes we said ‘essential’ during pregnancy that’s right!

If your pregnant tummy needs some extra TLC? Add baobab powder into smoothies or natural energy drinks conveniently available at grocery stores near you???? The goodness will live on even after baby has arrived ensuring mum stays healthy always!


No more worrying about the discomforts of pregnancy; behold the beauty of natural solutions – all easily accessible within reach thanks to this enriching article giving insights on some selected African herbs.

Our wonderful continent sure knows how to serve us potent natural ingredients-vibrating powerfully serving both body and mind-whilst infusing harmony universally-

So insteadof reachingout for pharmaceutical concoctions or getting overwhelmed trying out multiple non-tested methods with bizarre ingredients found over the internet let us stay closer to Mother Nature her trusted age-old wisdom hasn’t failed thus far……Giving birth à la naturelle(anyone??)

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