Acne vulgaris wiki?

Acne vulgaris wiki? You may as well read the phonebook cover to cover, it would be much more exciting. But before you pick up that yellow brick and dust off your granny glasses – let me help inject some fun into this topic!


Welcome friends, foes and pimple-poppers alike! Acne vulgaris is a pesky skin condition that can plague our teenage years (although some of us don’t outgrow it), leaving us with an insecure complex rivaling that of Napoleon Bonaparte. In this articles #we hope# to both enlighten and entertain you whilst delving deep into what causes acne vulgaris.


First things first (‘I’m the realest’ – Iggy Azalea). Where does the word ‘acne’ even come from? The Greek term áknē means…wait for it…’point’. I know right – mind blown (must google further)! So in essence acne vulgaris just translates to ‘common point-like eruption’. Sounds cute doesn’t it (inserts eye roll)?

What causes acne?

Despite popular belief, not using soap on one’s face or eating too many chocolate bars isn’t what has John Green proudly sporting his pimples (#We see through those green grapes glasses). Whilst there are multiple factors which can lead to spots appearing all over our hard work (i.e., our moneymaker/s) such as:

  1. Hormones: Sorry guys but we’re not getting away with anything here; testosterone effects sebum production.
  2. Genetics: Yay! Blame Mum!
  3. Medications: Thank god for modern medicine ay?
  4. Skincare Products: Less really is more sometimes
  5. Exercise & sweating etc

It’s safe to say some things really do hold weight against us. It’s not that we’re messy slobs (a little bit though) or just going through a punk phase, our bodies are genuinely fighting against us (don’t worry it’s not personal you’re probably still awesome deep down).

Types of Acne

‘Popping’ Pimples Pollutes your pores

A fun fact to kick things off – did you know 7 out of 10 people like watching pimple-popping videos online? Some people even find certain channels satisfying which means millions upon millions of people worldwide must be sleep-deprived.

Anyway, back on topic: there are eight different types of acne vulgaris pimples (#phew!). Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Blackheads (Just say no)
  2. Whiteheads
  3. Papules
  4. Pustules
  5. Nodules
  6. Cysts
  7. Lesions #The more the merrier#
  8. Maculae

Each has its own unique points with black and white heads being the most common and papules, pustules and cysts having a potential to scar in extreme circumstances (I mean who doesn’t want evidence of their teenage years etched onto their forehead forever?)

How To Treat Your T-Zone Terrors

Whilst researching this article (as if we don’t already have enough knowledge) I came across some interesting methods for helping eliminate your pimples:

Healthy Eating Habits; Out With The Bad, In With The Good!

Our grandmothers preached it: ‘you are what you eat’. Eating healthily can help reduce inflammation levels in our bodies (Ommmmm…) which aid hormonal imbalances leading to skin problems such as acne.

Good Food Bad food
Leafy greens Dairy Products
Fruits & Vegetables Refines Sugars
Oily Fish Gluten/Wheat

Disclaimer: ‘We understand’ it’s hard, but if you really must sneak in a late-night bowl of cookies & cream ice cream (#guilty) just make sure to drink lots of water as well!

Exercise Your Way To Better Skin

Not only can exercise help reduce those pesky hormones correlated with acne vulgaris but also activates cells (Keratinocytes) increasing blood flow which further aids the health and appearance of your skin.

So chuck on those inappropriate gym clothes you’ve had for five years and get your sweat on! (Bye Bye Spots – Hello abs)

Cleanse Correctly

It’s all about what cleansers one uses around here! Whilst we love a good makeup product, sometimes they don’t necessarily work our skins favor. It is said that using salicylic acid-containing products could unclog pores or Benzoyl peroxide based products have anti-bacterial factors eliminating pimple-causing bacteria (Taakes two shots…). But be warned “too much” can dry out the skin leading to unnecessary reddening.


As we wrap up this delightful article (our fingers sore from typing so quickly to ensure ultimate entertainment was achieved), I suppose it would do us well not to forget its purpose – providing knowledge and humor regarding Acne Vulgaris Wiki. So next time someone starts snickering at John Green’s face because of his new spots/duck egg (#TeamJohnGreen), go ahead and correct them with precisioned wit…knowledgeable appreciated too though 🙂