7 days hair oil how to use?

Is your hair frizzy, dry or simply lacking in life and vitality? Do you feel as though a happy mane is too much to ask for? Look no further! This article will provide you with all the tips and tricks on how to use 7 Days Hair Oil like it’s nobody’s business!


Sometimes we all need a little help getting our locks luscious. Whether your hair is coarse, curly or thinning out faster than expected – never fear! A great product can make all the difference, and that’s where 7 Days Hair Oil comes in handy. We understand that using new products might be perplexing but hang tight because this article will break down how easy-peasy the usage of 7 Days Hair Oil actually is.

What is 7 Days Hair Oil?

Before diving into how to use this miraculous oil (cue heavenly choir), let’s first talk about what it really is made of. The primary ingredients used are hibiscus leaves (yes, flowers work wonders for your head too!), gooseberry (not just for jam anymore) and fenugreek seeds (we swear they’re leaves not bugs). These ingredients have been known since forever-diggety days as excellent boosters of scalp health by being great moisturizers and reducing dandruff build-up. Simply put, it’s organic goodness soaked up in every single drop – making one bottle last long enough till victory does come.

Benefits of Using 4 Drops Daily

Not only does taking care of our lion-manes increase confidence levels significantly (meow-meow), but introducing more natural-based products could also bring back healthier-looking strands compared to chemically-treated ones which might end up leaving them high and dry – literally! With daily usage – four drops at a time – here’s some added benefits of using 7 Days Hair Oil for your precious locks:
Nourishing – Nurtures and replenishes your hair with essential vitamins needed to grow healthy.
Moisturizes – A great conditioner which leaves no greasy residue after application.
Anti-inflammatory – Reduces inflammation of scalp pores by cleansing the scalp from harmful bacteria.
There’s no doubt about it; investing in an oil that can retain hair health without burning a hole in our pockets is indeed worth a try. Now without further ado, let’s get down to business on how we ought to use this product, shall we?

How To Use

Using 7 Days Hair Oil couldn’t be simpler! All you need is patience (to wait seven whole days before significant results are visible) and one straightforward step every single day. It takes less than five minutes -yes, you read that right. Just quickly four tiny drops and within weeks notice striking differences!

Step by Step Guide

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Start with dry combing out tangles in hairs
2. Take the bottle of wonderment (aka, 7 days hair oil) and open it up
3. With your fingertips, apply these microscopic droplets into narrow gland spaces hovering around the crown area
4. Massage by swiftly whisking them into those little flaky areas where our scalps tend to accumulate dead skin cells like they’re trying out for American football (yikes)
5. Keep the applied drops overnight (cause its snooze-time baby!), :zzz: or if preferred simply keep it on for over two hours during daytime wrapped under a shower cap.
6. Rinse off carefully while bathing followed by towel-drying afterwards.

Ta-da! That was easy wasn’t it? Try following this routine daily for better outcomes as take maintaining care-even if applying oil seems like sweating it out sometimes. And yet, persist and insist on using this hair oil for a special state of scalp-oiling festivities that keep your hair in check!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use 7 Days Hair Oil?

As per our recommendation, four drops each day before going to bed is the best practice.

Can I put 7 Days Hair Oil just once a week?

We suggest not because – how else would you know if the product works well enough or not? Daily usage paves fruition ways swiftly than expected (wink)! Remember Seven, isn’t just a number – it’s a journey awaiting which can give lush-long-lasting results!

Do I need to rinse my hair after applying 7 Days Hair Oil?

A big YES! Rinse thoroughly with shampoo (preferably natural ones) for better cleaning followed by towel drying your locks.


In conclusion, owning silken strands no longer has to be limited to movie stars or beauty influencers. Simply follow these tips and tricks on how to use 7 Day’s Hair oil at home and make heads turn one dazzling mane at however many days-time (and trust us- it’ll be worth every drop). So go ahead our fellow linces, rock those tresses confidently – we’ve got you covered like hairspray covers flyaways and more!

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