10 Terrible Yard Divider Ideas for Dealing with Bad Neighbors

Living in a neighborhood means you have to deal with your neighbors, even the ones who insist on playing death metal at full volume or the ones who can’t seem to keep their dogs from making your yard their personal bathroom. If you’re tired of putting up with bad neighbors and want some privacy for yourself, here are ten terrible yard divider ideas that could help.

Hedge Yourself In

Hedges might seem like the perfect solution for creating a natural barrier between yards, but they come with their own set of problems. First off, you’ll need to be able to grow them tall enough so that your nosy neighbor can’t peek over, which isn’t always easy or practical. Then there’s the maintenance involved – hedges require regular pruning and shaping to look nice.

Poison Ivy Pals

If you really want to deter your neighbor from coming too close, why not try planting poison ivy next to your hedge? Sure, it’s dangerous and potentially harmful – but it sure is effective!

Grass Fortress

Who says grass is just for lawns? With enough time and patience (and loads of weed killer), you could create a towering wall of long grass around your property line. Your neighbors will never get through this dense jungle without getting lost in it first!

Fence Them Out

Fences are a classic option when it comes to dividing up yards because they offer both privacy and clearly defined boundaries. However, there are some truly awful fence designs out there that should give any sensible homeowner pause.

Rustic Wire Fencing

Why stick with traditional wood fences when you can get creative? A rusty wire fence has all kinds of advantages: It won’t break easily unless someone tries hard enough; since it’s see-through from most angles people may avoid touching/bumping against the sharp edges if they know it’s there; and ultimately, rust gives this fence quite a dashing accent.

Broken Mirror Blues

A high wall made out of discarded broken mirrors will leave you with both eye-catching decor and excellent home security. Anyone foolish enough to try climbing over will be cut to ribbons!

Build a Wall They’ll Remember

Not everyone can build their own Great Wall of China, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. If your neighbors are especially bothersome, why not go the extra mile?

Lego Land Barrier

Legos aren’t just for kids! With enough patience and determination (and financial resources), you could create an impassable wall around your yard with those colorful plastic bricks. The great thing about building with Legos is that they are malleable – You could even switch up the colors occasionally based on your mood or season!

Other Fun Solutions

Some people like to tackle problems creatively – whether or not it solves anything in particular. Here are some out-of-the-(cereal) box options:

Traffic Triangle Turmoil

If all else fails, why not construct a life-size traffic triangle comprising stop signs and no parking zones in front of that annoyingly loud blaring driveway?

Rainbow Sprinkle Delight

Speaking of creative solutions: Maybe sprinkles will scare off potential intruders more effectively than wasabi or extra hot sauce? A messy lawn littered with multicolored bike streamers should do the trick nicely enough.

In conclusion, dealing with bad neighbors is a tough task but these terrible divider ideas might just get them off your back – while still giving them something to laugh at from behind closed doors [or maybe as they post videos on social media…]. Just make sure whatever solution you choose is safe for both yourself as well as others!

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