10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Ex Has Moved On

We’ve all been there before. You’re scrolling through your social media and come across a post from your ex looking happier than ever. It’s normal to feel a twinge of jealousy, but it also raises the question: have they moved on? Here are 10 tell-tale signs that they have:

They Don’t Contact You Anymore

If you find yourself checking your phone constantly for any message or call from them (we know you do), but nothing seems to come in, then it’s time to face reality -they probably don’t care anymore.

No More Creepy Stalking

Imagine finding out where your ex hangs out and accidentally bumping into them hoping to start conversation (yikes!) Just admit it already; if stalking their social media can’t fill the void in their absence then maybe they really have moved on.

Their Social Media Tells A Different Story

A picture is worth a thousand words; this definitely rings true when assessing whether someone has moved on or not by scanning through their Instagram pics while eating ice-cream (Just because we want an excuse for some ourselves 😛 ) Are most of the posts now pictures featuring other people? Or perhaps no new photo updates from their side?

Mutual Friends Stayed Put

Has suddenly only one person remained mutual between you two like friends being split after divorce settlement? This might indicate closure especially if it was important for both parties not losing parts of themselves during break-up aftermaths.

Unfollowed On Social Media Platforms

Even though hanging onto hope would keep both parties interested; Let’s agree with Bruce Springsteen “Baby we were born to run” so even unfollowing each other accounts brings up that this person isn’t good enough in our lives anymore.

They’ve Completely Avoided All Of Your Haunts

Remember asking about their favorite sports bar or just going there for their sake? Well if they are avoiding these places, then it’s quite possible that your ex has moved on. Maybe these spaces bring back too many memories of you; Which in retrospect is more often not good ones.

No More Late Night Drunk Texts

Nope, no 2 am apology requests from them reaching out anymore (Thank God!) If they have truly accepted the breakup and are healing themselves with grace which includes handling alcohol better then kudos to them!

You’re Receiving The Cold Shoulder

If every conversation via message or phone call ends abruptly and feels impossible to continue unless it’s work-related; Then its probably time to move on because at this point either some things were never resolved between both parties after separation or the other player(s) involved in life are sufficiently filling perceived gaps.

They’ve Started Dating Again

While still sharing same friend circles doesn’t mean all socializing together equals successful romantic endeavours. But if they’re going out dating again also means less free time before bed instead watching Netflix (gasp!)

They’re Posting About Their New Partner Everywhere

At least we can take comfort knowing our ex-partners’ latest romances aren’t happening due to aliens stealing humanity – even though constantly posting about a new person everywhere (including snapchats about us) is really painful.

They’ve Confirmed Their Sexual Freedom Status

Clearly indicating while being still friends would have been great but c’est la vie anyway! While getting laid isn’t always a sure sign of moving on, making very loud statements saying that one is embracing sexual freedom- well that says everything else needed hopefully without any personal ‘too much’ detail (ewww)

Your Message Is Being Ignored / Blocked

Simply put: Ghosting isn’t nice except maybe Halloween Time. Still waiting for those answers? Probably won’t happen when blocked (ouch!).

Break ups are hard; it’s never easy to let someone go. Recognize the signs that your ex has moved on, so that you can start moving on too. Trust us, life goes on and in a humorous twist even potatoes still grow whether we look or not!