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Badgersphere Round-Up: Wisconsin 17, Iowa 13

Post by Jesse Russell on 9/23/2007 11:30am

WisconsinBadgersHelmet.jpgOuch. There is a great deal of grumpiness in Badgerland as UW barely eked out a win over the Iowa Hawkeyes. The general consensus is that the mighty Badgers need a new four-leaf clover because this luck they have been riding into the season is about to keel over and die - likely next week against the Spartans. Once again, the boys in red left it until the last minute to pull ahead. Wisconsin State Journal points out all of the important landmarks of this game, "UW extended the nation's longest winning streak to 13 games, winning its 10th straight game at home. It also won for the 20th time in its last 21 night games."

The Badgers also went into this game ranked ninth and undefeated for the year. The blogs are a-buzzing that Wisconsin will likely not hold onto that ranking and will continue to fall. But don't take my word for it, let the blogs speak for themselves.

The Wisconsin Sports Bar, fast becoming one of my favorite places to go for Badger football snark, sums up the battle as such, "It was like when two geeks have a slap fight on the play ground lots of swinging and slapping but no one really landing any blows."

Sportsnipe gives the credit to Iowa's defensive line for dominating most of the game, "Wisconsin struggled to move the ball throughout the first three quarters. Iowa's front four created tons of problems with their speed, quickness of the ball, and their technique. Ends Brian Mattison and Kenny Iwebema could not be stopped consistently, and tackle Mitch King was a monster. He probably got too much love from ABC announcers Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit, but he was really good in this game. He was efficient against the run, and I'm sure Badger QB Tyler Donovan would have seen King in his sleep had Wisconsin lost this game."

Chip Shots echoes the declining faith of the Big Ten and holds up Wisconsin as an unreliable last hope, "Unless Wisconsin runs the table, the farthest the Big Ten will get will be the Rose Bowl. And even if the Badgers do run the table, they probably won't achieve a high enough ranking to be considered for the national game."

Mike's Post Dissertation blog takes an interesting look at the four games of the season because, "Nevertheless, their wins, though ugly, have odd conditions to them." He makes some interesting points worth clicking over to read.

Exhaustion is starting to set in at BadgerBlog: "I am honestly getting a bit tired talking about just how close Wisconsin’s games are, but yet another one happens. Thanks to yet another save by Hill, Wisconsin, apparently still known as a mostly running team squeaked by Iowa in this pretty ruff defensive battle."

The State of College Football factors the Big Ten and how Wisconsin fits, "Another week, another lackluster performance by Wisconsin. Are they for real or not? My guess is not, but who's to say...they may very well finish 12-0 or 11-1 as weak as the Big 10 is this year. Penn State appears to be a fraud. Michigan is still an unknown. If the Badgers can win at Ohio State they may end up sitting pretty in December. But I guess that would mean they are for real after all."

Hawkeye fans are justifiably pleased with the way their team played, Black and Gold Nation wites: "Even though this was a loss, you have to be pleased with their performance. No one expected the Hawks to win in Madison and they nearly pulled it off."

As for the future of the Hawkeyes football fans pretty much have a positive outlook for what is a fairly young team. They expect their team to finish strong this season, but to really be a force to reckon with next season. They are definitely now on the radar. Philly215 writes, "I look for Penn State to finish fourth in the Big Ten this season -- behind Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio State. And watch out for the Iowa Hawkeyes, who put up a great fight against the Wisconsin Badgers earlier tonight."

Next up: Wisconsin takes on Michigan State at home for the first time since 2003. On Saturday the Spartans crushed Notre Dame 31-14 and, just like UW, are undefeated.

Meanwhile, at least our Marching Band continues to kick ass. I wanted to take a moment to share this video from Las Vegas of the UW Marching Band playing the "Beer Barrel Polka" in front of the Fashion Show Mall. Note all of the red clad Badger fans dancing.

Jesse Russell


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