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A relative of the State Street homicide victim speaks out on Dane101

Post by Shane Wealti on 5/24/2007 10:21am

Editor note: A relative of the victim left this comment in response to one of our posts on the murder that happened on State Street Wednesday morning.
That 23 year old male shot on State Street late Tuesday night was my cousin. It seems from previous blogs that this type of shooting is incredibly rare in the area that it happened, This news came as such a shock (it still hasnt sank in). I can't beleive he's gone, thanks to someones posted pictures I have a decent idea of what the area looks like, its not a trashy rundown area (as I pictured in my head), seems like any other bar area/ street. My cousin had some difficult times in life but he had a good heart, and was a good guy. He was smart, incredibly funny, he loved little kids and all his little nieces and younger cousins loved him, he could make anybody laugh in any situation, he had a great personality, and if he wanted to he could light up a room with his personality. Austin (the victim), had a home, two very loving parents, two older sisters who deeply cared for him, and a strong family, he was very loved! very loved! and he will be missed. As my older cousin, I looked up to him, becasue he was an outgoing and very special person to all who knew him. I just want everyone to know that he wasn't some random kid without a home and a family, at times he looked rough, and unkept, but that was Austin, an individual. He was an important individual who will forever be missed. This is so unfortunate. Well, thanks to anyone whe read, I just needed to get that out of my head. thanks again.

Shane Wealti

Technical Director, occasional contributor

Shane grew up on the west side of Madison and Middleton. After high school he figured college would be a good idea and attended UW-Madison studying Computer Science. After graduating in 2002 he developed an avid interest in reading blogs, blogging and content management systems. He started a personal blog using Drupal and ended up founding Dane101 with Jesse Russell and Kristian Knutsen in 2005.

Shane relocated to Columbus, Ohio in 2009 but still remains active with Dane101 doing technical stuff, and filling in wherever needed.