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Election 2006 Through the Eyes of Bloggers: Gubernatorial Race

Post by Jesse Russell on 11/5/2006 11:59pm

governorthree110506.JPGThe gubernatorial race in Wisconsin is by far the most blogged about issue that will appear on the ballot in our state Tuesday. Keeping with the standard set with the Gay Marriage Ban entry and the Death Penalty Advisory Referendum entry I have limited the look back at what bloggers are saying to the past four days. This is everything that comes up in Google Blog search. The endorsements aren't very surprising – the bloggers all pretty much stick to the party line and they all think their guy will win, but as usual, the most interesting reading tends to be the justifications when stacked up against one another. All three candidates receive attention: Democratic incumbent Governor Jim Doyle, Republican Rep. Mark Green, and Green candidate Nelson Eisman.

Ty Jaeg writes this prediction on the Little Friar Blog:


In Wisconsin, Doyle will hold on to the small lead he has over Green, but it's definately going to be close because of the Republicans ability to mobilize voters and the vote on the Marriage Ban.

Right Center Field makes the opposite prediction:

Mark Green will win, though not by much. I don't really believe that the independent vote is leaning as heavily to the left as some pundits think, at least not on this choice. Jim Doyle has had his day.

Ben PAC endorses Doyle:

He has turned around a huge budget deficit, and has done a competent job in Madison. He's not perfect, he's not all that inspiring. But, his commitment to Education, something of utmost importance to me, and our futures, sets him FAR above challenger Mark Green.

The American Mind covered the visit of republican governors (current and former) to stump for Green:

In Wausau, Massachusetts’ Mitt Romney and Mississippi’s Haley Barbour asked a enthusiastic Republican crowd to work hard and vote for Green. Barbour mentioned the negative ads flooding the airwaves saying, “There’s a reason for all the negative advertisements…. If a governor can’t run on his record, it means you need a new governor.”

Meanwhile, Crawford's Take covered Bill Clinton stumping in Milwaukee for Doyle:

Bill Clinton is the original Rock Star of the Democratic Party and he put on a show for us tonight. The crowd was electric. I can't think of another way to put it. I literally have not seen that many excited people since the last Stones show I went to. People were literally squealling and jumping up and down in the lines as they waited to get in... I am still on an adreline high 7 hours later.

The Happy Circumstance puts his support behind Doyle:

Jim Doyle has mitigated the effects of the Thompson/McCallum deficits, held the line on school spending and taxes and minimized the damage of a John Gard-led Assembly. He's offended those who would turn back the clock on labor and consumer laws and, for that, has had to suffer one ad hominem attack after another. Time after time his actions have been shown to be above board.

Radio host Josh Schroeder writes why he voted for Green:

Mark is the right candidate on taxes, education, crime, the economy, not to mention other issues. He will hold the line on taxes and spending. Mark Green stands with families who want the best education for their kids because he supports school choice and wants education dollars to go into the classroom instead of wasteful bureaucracies.

Ben Brothers endorses Doyle on Badger Blues and explains why:

He’s expanded BadgerCare, and he’s worked to make college more accesible. He’s helped protect our environment. He’s kept our education system among the best in the country: he’s committed to our public schools, but also pragmatic and non-ideological enough to experiment with vouchers and charter schools and other traditionally non-Democratic ideas. He’s supported stem-cell research, and helped make Wisconsin a world leader in the field. He’s vetoed pharmacy “conscience clauses” and proposed bans on birth control. And he’s done all of that while maintaining the line on taxes and rebuilding our state’s finances.

Texas Hold 'Em Blogger unsurprisingly endorses Green and unsurprisingly overdoes it with the name calling (emphasis added by me):

Our choices are an honest, hard-working member of Congress and arguably the most corrupt sitting governor in the United States — although Ohio’s Boob Taft may lay claim to that distinction — and certainly the most corrupt governor in Wisconsin history.
Mark Green vs. Gov. Jim Milhous Doyleone.
THEB endorses Mark Green over Diamond Jim, who’d look much better in an orange jumpsuit than the governor’s mansion.
Green is better on taxes, crime, health care, ethics — you name it.
After four years of the stench and sleaze of Doyleone and his pals, the governor’s mansion may need to be thoroughly sterilized.

Folkbum calls Doyle a firewall we should keep:

Doyle has been our firewall against a legislature that lives far to the right of most of the state. I have said often, and occasionally proudly, that while I don't like everything about Jim Doyle, he has been the only thing standing between us and the Alabama-ization of Wisconsin. Groups like Wisconsin Maufacturers and Commerce, who see Wisconsin ranked high in taxes or low in business climate, look longingly at the other end of the scale dominated by such economic powerhouses as Montana or Mississippi and demand to know why we aren't more like them. This legislature, obligingly, tries its darnedest to get us there. If that's what you want, well, don't vote for Doyle.

Damagedvocals endorses Green because:


Mark Green thinks it would be a good idea to let me legally carry around weapons and I think so too. The people they're worried about having weapons already do it anyway. And if some asshole wants to point a gun at me I want to be able to do something about it without ending up with jail time or something else. Then again I suppose I already do it anyway too. Just not with firearms.

Mike at the Badgerlife Journal also endorses Green based on his gun support:

Governor Jim Doyle opposes your Second Amendment rights, twice vetoing Wisconsin's Personal Protection Act. Doyle supports municipal lawsuits against America's firearms manufacturers and believes they should be held accountable for the acts of criminals. It's time to Dump Doyle and elect a proven supporter of our gun rights and hunting heritage, Mark Green!

Watchdog Milwaukee calls Green 11th hour attack on Doyle's crime fighting record a death knell for Green:

The Doyle campaign fired back yesterday with an unusually long email highlighting Doyle's crimefighting record. A response TV ad from Doyle that will play like a mantra between now and Tuesday is sure to follow. Effectively, this ends whatever chance Green had of winning the governor's race. He has foolishly picked the one fight with Doyle he cannot hope to win, much less land a blow.

Walter Olson explains on Point of Law while Doyle's lead may be slipping in recent days:

Liability issues have been an important factor in the race since Gov. Doyle vetoed four civil justice reform bills last January, including curbs on lead-paint and gun lawsuits, a product-liability bill, and a measure that would have moved Wisconsin's lenient expert-evidence standards toward a Daubert standard. Not long before that, Gov. Doyle vetoed a measure that would have limited medical malpractice recoveries, although he later signed a less restrictive measure.

Meanwhile, Rock Netroots explains what is wrong with Green:

This is where Green stands. He supported the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy which actually fuels higher local taxes. He voted for corporate breaks encouraging job outsourcing. He voted for the Bush war in Iraq and granted, much of America has been duped by the Bush Administration’s call to war, but what’s his excuse now for his continued unwavering support. He wants to use Federal money to support private education with vouchers further degrading quality and participation in public schools. But with investments for the common good, Green refuses to allow Federal money to advance breakthroughs on finding cures for Alzheimers, diabetes, Parkinsons, cancer or AIDS.

The Trash Heap endorses “The Real Mark Green” but not that Mark Green in the campaign ads:

I really dont like the campaign Mark Green has run. I really don't. He has talked about issues no one cares about while letting Jim Doyle hammer him on issues that people do care about. His ads suck, and I have no idea what he'd do for Wisconsin other than keep talented out of state kids out of the UW and not be Jim Doyle (whatever that means) Great Mark, thanks. That being said, the Mark Green I've followed since September 1998 is not the guy in the campaign.

Wisco Disco throws his support behind Green Party candidate Nelson Eisman:

Eisman has the most progressive, and most importantly, clean ideas about how to run a government. He is not the man to take thousands of dollars from some sketchy source, for example CASINOS, and sell his seat to interests all while acting like a For the People Democrat. For me the number one and two issues in the US today is Publicly Financed Campaigns and Lobby Reform, because when these are fixed, corruption will.... dwindle to a manageable level and the rest of the issues will follow.

Jesse Russell


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