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UW-Madison issues challenge to hackers

Post by Shane Wealti on 3/7/2006 9:57am

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Divison of Information Technology (DoIT) has hooked up a webserver to the internet and issued a general challenge for people to hack it in an attempt to prove that Mac OS X is a fairly secure operating system.

The challenge comes as a response to another contest reported on by ZDNet in which a Swedish Mac enthusiast held a similar contest albeit with some significant differences that ended after 30 minutes because someone was able to hack into the box.

At the time this post was written no one had yet been able to hack into the machine.

Shane Wealti

Technical Director, occasional contributor

Shane grew up on the west side of Madison and Middleton. After high school he figured college would be a good idea and attended UW-Madison studying Computer Science. After graduating in 2002 he developed an avid interest in reading blogs, blogging and content management systems. He started a personal blog using Drupal and ended up founding Dane101 with Jesse Russell and Kristian Knutsen in 2005.

Shane relocated to Columbus, Ohio in 2009 but still remains active with Dane101 doing technical stuff, and filling in wherever needed.