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Breakfast Links: January 24, 2013

Post by dane101 on 1/24/2013 7:00am

Today is January 24, 2013. On this date in 41 CE, Caligula is the first Roman Emperor to be assassinated.

* RAD: "All [One Wisconsin Now] leader, Scot Ross, did, was what any 'journalistic' organization might have done months ago: Ross simply went to four key legislators who’ve pushed the hardest for Voter ID in Wisconsin, and said 'show me your evidence'."

* CogDis: "Despite Walker's defenders' constant attacks on the reputation of the DA's office, their questioning of the integrity of the investigation, their attempts to mislead or confuse the matter, there is one thing they've never, ever tried to do. They've never once said that Walker is innocent"

* TP: "When Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) asked [Secretary of State] Clinton why she didn’t make 'a simple phone call' to the evacuees to find out, the Secretary of State shot back: 'With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans!' she said, 'What difference does it make?'"

* PH: "...There’s little evidence to suggest that voucher schools do better than public schools. The largest piece of evidence comes from Milwaukee, where a voucher program has been in place for more than twenty years. Studies have shown that, overall, the students who qualify for a voucher and enter a new school have shown little-to-no improvement when compared to their counterparts who stayed in the Milwaukee Public School district. In fact, more evidence points to the contrary: that students in the voucher system performed worse. "

* d101: WI GOP held only hearing on controversial mining bill Wednesday morning

* WKOW: "...The committee ended the [mining] hearing with several people still on the list to testify. No word yet on if those left over people will have their statements heard at a later date."

* DC: "Students are continuing to push the Wisconsin State Legislature to introduce a policy that would protect students from punishment for underage drinking when calling police for help in certain emergency situations"

* TDP: "Nearly two years into his third term as mayor, Paul Soglin outlined a path for Madison to regain its status as an economically "special" city in his State of the City address to the Rotary Club of Madison Wednesday. The mayor spent most of his 40-minute speech talking about the ways the city could return to the days when the unemployment rate was as low as 1.9%."

* C3K: Financial news publication 24/7 Wall Street "has declared Madison to be the second-best-run city in America," citing low unemployment, a high credit rating for the city, and a high percent of college graduates among the adult population.

* WSJ [paywall]: District analysis finds Madison 4K may help close achievement gap

* C3K: Woman finds stolen bike online; Police set up sting

* ExMil: Punch Brothers Preserve Bluegrass’s Spirit of Innovation

* RwP: Part 2 of dane101 alum Adam Schabow's farewell interview of Jesse Russell