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About dane101

Dane101 is a locally (Madison, Wisconsin) focused online media source that strives to provide independent coverage of the news, politics, arts and culture that shape our area and our state. Dane101 also regularly organizes community events - everything from concerts and open mics, to variety shows and burlesque cabarets.

As an organization Dane101 adheres to and promotes high standards of journalistic ethics and the importance of engagement with our communities.

Our Values:

● To report with honesty and integrity and without sensationalism
● To provide a prominent, public forum in which diverse people will have a voice
● To foster a more vibrant community by supporting its arts and culture
● To improve awareness and understanding of science and technology, particularly in Wisconsin
● To further the cause of equality and respect between all segments of the community

We strive to make information as accessible and comprehensive as possible so as to help foster more civic and social involvement by as many people possible, especially those whose voices have been traditionally underrepresented, and to provide a learning environment for those who wish to better understand the practice of journalism in the 21st century.

Dane101 content is licensed in a Creative Commons Deed of Attribution ShareAlike2.0, and the website runs on Drupal.

Dane101 was created in 2005 by Kristian Knutsen, Jesse Russell, and Shane Wealti.